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Our Mission: "To reveal the light of Jesus Christ in Columbia and the world."


September 2013 Newsletter

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From the Pastor's Desk

What an amazing two months I have had since I began here at Columbia UMC. I am finding that this congregation is a very faithful, loving, and kind group of people. I am honored to be here to serve you. 

After he was resurrected from the dead, Jesus Christ  appeared to his disciples numerous times.  The final  appearance—recounted at the end of the Book of  Matthew—is known as the Great Commission.  The  
Great Commission is Jesus’ instruction to his disciples and to every Christian, throughout all of history.  

Jesus’ commission to us is to  “Go therefore and  make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the  name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy  Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I  have commanded you.  And remember, I am with  you always, to the end of the age.” 

Attendance at this church has dropped off in recent  years and we need to find a way to remedy that.   But, rather than focus on the number of people sitting in the pews on Sunday morning, I believe that we need to concentrate on living out the Great Commission.  If we follow Jesus’ instructions and concern ourselves with making disciples for Jesus  Christ, then we will be reaching out into our community and world to improve people’s lives and  bring them closer to Christ.  People will see the great  ministry happening here and want to be part of it.
They will join us. 

At our last Ad Council meeting the Outreach and 
Membership committees were combined into a sin-gle committee which is called Evangelism and Mission.  This committee will be the springboard  whereby Columbia UMC works to fulfill the Great  Commission.  It is through evangelism and mission  that we will transform the world and it is through evangelism and mission that we will ensure that Columbia UMC exists for generations to come.  Join  this new committee and help change the world. 

Pastor Matt   

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Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate for Sale. 

Take Action: Protect Farm workers 

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) is collecting signatures in a petition to the EPA telling them to  strengthen pesticide regulation and enforcement.  
As PAN says: Many of our summer favorites: watermelon, strawberries, peaches, carry pesticide residues from field to table. And while even small  amounts of these chemicals can be harmful to our health, farm workers often face the most direct exposure in fields and orchards. Too often, they lack sufficient safeguards. 

Now is the time to change that. Join us in showing support for the health and safety of farm workers.

United Methodist Women

“...The God who didst choose Abram and bring  him forth out of Ur of the Chaldees and give him the name Abraham.” (Nehemiah 9:7) 

Chapter 9, verse 7 of Nehemiah begins a time of  remembering the heroes of the faith and the nation’s story. We ought to remember and tell our  story as well as those who forged a path for us.  Who are your personal heroes in your journey of faith? 

United Methodist Women have a rich heritage in this church. How many of us remember when it was WSCS? Did you or your mother belong to a  circle? How Long have you attended Soup “n Things? It is remarkable what a rich heritage of  fellowship and mission work we have at Columbia UMC. 

Our regular meetings resume on September 4, 2013 at 10:00 AM in the Courtyard Room. Sally  stone will present the program “Seeing God at  Work in the Field.” Pat Balcziunas is hostess. Join us for a fulfilling morning! 

The Fields Salad Supper is Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 6:00 PM. Reservations need to  be in to Sally by our September 4th meeting. 

 UMW Calendar 

Every Thursday 11a-12p Upper Room Devotional Group-Courtyard Room 
Wed. Sept. 4 10a-12p Regular meeting. 
Program “Seeing God at Work in the Field” presented by Sally Stone. Pat Balcziunas-Hostess 
Thurs. Sept. 19 6:00p Fields Salad Supper (Carpool: at church at 5:45) 
Sat. Sept. 28 9a -12p North Coast  District Meeting at Rockport UMC 
Wed. Oct. 2 10a-12p Regular meeting. Program “Thanking God for What We See.” presented by Pam Andrews. Elaine Martin-Hostess. 
Fri., Sat. Oct. 25 & 26 EOC UMW Annual Celebration at Gay Street UMC in Mt. Vernon, OH.

 Sally Stone, President

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Administrative Council

The Administrative Council met on Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Since our last meeting in May, there are several positive happenings to be noted:
the plantings around church, our new minister, the dedication of the picnic pavilion, the support of the Upper Room group,  impromptu Sunday School last week, running  out of bulletins (increased attendance), a new  Sunday School teacher, and success of the 
Youth’s Mission Trip. 

The New septic system should get its final inspection this week. We are greatly blessed by  positive response to fund this! Fall programs  are being readied. Sunday School and Choir will begin on Sept. 8, 2013. Youth Club will resume later this fall. UMW will begin meeting  on a regular basis and the Men’s Breakfast will begin on the first Sunday in October. 

Jim Wonnacott was authorized to do the necessary acts to procure and set up our website which will be changing. The Membership  Committee and Outreach Committee were combined into the Evangelism and Mission  Committee. Permission was granted to have a  third Gospel Fest and a Spaghetti Dinner on October 19, 2013. 

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Administrative Council will be Tuesday, October  15, 2013 at 7:30. 

Sally Stone, Secretary

...from the Church Office

Our Web Presence is moving...
September 30th is the last day our current web address will be active. The General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church has decided to discontinue free web hosting so we have been very fortunate to have had this FREE service since Feb. 12, 2003. The new location is:

The site is up and running so bookmark it now because the other location stops Oct. 1st.

If you'd prefer to read the newsletter online and would like to help us save trees and postage, send us a note and simply ask to be taken off the "Newsletter Mailing List." Thanks!

About Our Email...

It's high time we started keeping email contact information on our membership in the church office. It's indispensible if we're to develop an effective mechanism for staying in touch. If you have an email address that you can give us to use, please email a friendly "Hello!" to us so we can copy your address to our files. Our new primary address is...

The old still works but we'd like to migrate to this new address. Please make a note of it!

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Youth Club

Youth Club will be starting soon. Contact Lillie Merrill (330-483-4609) if you would  like to be part of our family, staff or members. Youth Club meets on Wednesdays  from 4 to 7 PM. Children in grades K-8 are  eligible for memberships. 

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Thank you
for your  contributions to the septic project.

The need for a new septic system came upon  us rather suddenly and was not necessarily a welcome expense, but it was necessary. 

Columbia UMC stepped up and answered the call to fund the $30,000.00 project.  As of the publication of this newsletter, the church has received in excess of $14,000.00 in up front donations that can immediately be put toward the cost of the new system.  Additionally, $7000.00 is available from the parsonage fund the help pay for the project.  The remainder of the cost will be taken from existing moneys that are held in the Building  Fund and the Growth and Preservation Fund. 
Those funds will be reimbursed through pledged donations.  Thank you for your contributions and let us all thank God for the financial means to give so much. 

The new system is up and running and the  bill for it’s construction has been paid.  The toilets will continue to flush; no need to build  an outhouse.

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October 13th 
at 6:00-7:30 PM

Grade 7-12 

Please come and join us in Fellowship Hall for an evening of fun and refreshment and help plan some projects and fun events
for the coming year. 

Devozine, the teen devotional for Sept. and October is now available. Don’t forget to pick up your copy in the narthex.  



Monday Night Adult Bible Study

Faith is a powerful tool that we can use to do 
God’s Work. Why not help guide that faith by ex-panding your knowledge of the Bible. We will be  starting I Peter, September 9, at 7:30 PM, this is a short book so if you haven’t been in an organized study before why not give it a try.

Disciple 2 Bible Study 

The Pastor will facilitate a Disciple 2 Bible study that will meet following church on Sundays.  The  study will be a brown-bag affair and will be limited  to 75 minutes.  We will begin as soon as all the  post-church visitation dies down.  Please let the Pastor know if you are interested in participating. 

September 14 
Columbia United Methodist Church 
25453 Royalton Road 
Columbia Station, OH 44028 

Seating Times at: 
4:30 PM 
5:30 PM 
6:30 PM  

Cost: Adults $8.00
Kids ages 5-12 $4.00
Kids under 5 eat for free. 

Breaded Chicken Breast 
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 
Green Beans, Tossed Salad, Rolls & Butter 
Homemade desserts to choose from and beverages. All Included!!!! 

Carry out Available!

Thank You...

for all the generous donations to the July food cupboard Collection and the School Supplies Collection. The school supplies were delivered on Monday, August 26th and will be divided up among Columbia Schools and will be given to Columbia School  Children where needed. Thank you again. 

A Note From the Pastor About the Septic Project

Columbia UMC has taught me something new about church finance.  When presented with the need to fund the septic project, I thought we would need a full-blown capital funds campaign that might last for weeks.  However, after just a single letter to the congregation, you  donated and pledged more than enough to  pay for the project. That is amazing!  This project cost more than 25% of our annual budget,  but you prayerfully, lovingly, and willingly  came up with that amount .  I have served on stewardship committees in two larger churches and never seen that kind of financial  response from a congregation.  Thank you. 

Jesus calls us to make disciples of all people...... 

Come and Join the newly remodeled EVANGELISM  and MISSION COMMITTEE.  Anyone who has ideas on how we can fulfill our calling please contact either of the co-chairs. 

Clara Lanning 236-9853 or Lynne Keane 236-5647 

Watch for future progress updates!!!! 

Men's Fellowship

Join us Sunday morning, October 6 at 8:15 a.m.

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A Note From Pastor Dave 

Dear Columbia Friends, 

I am late with these few words of thanks partly because I have had, as you can guess, my hands full getting settled in my new church here in Greentown.  But mostly it is because I am at a loss to know  just how to thank you all for the wonderful sendoff you  gave me in June!  I will never forget your kind words  of friendship and encouragement, the choir's special  music, your cards, gifts and prayers.  I cannot tell you  how much they have cheered me over the course of  the summer! 

Here at the church we have been able to hire a secretary for one morning a week, will soon hire a young and very able organist to help brighten worship, and  the trustees are about to tackle a couple major projects: a two level (up and down) lift unit replacement  and replacing a handful of dilapidated windows.  Their first newsletter in over a year has now gone out.  I  guess little things do mean a lot!  The folks here have had too few things to celebrate of late and finally seem to feel things are coming around.  Praise the  Lord! Your prayers for us are being answered! 

Otherwise, Barb is happily wearing herself out being the Grandma, helping with Gavin and seeing Brady off to kindergarten last week.  We have been busy spiffing up around the house, trying to get some painting done before the weather turns, and seeing to some things that were just plain let go for a while.  I  have just finished reading a new biography of C.S. Lewis, by Alister McGrath, the fellow who wrote the book we used in the King James Bible study a couple years back.  I have moved on to a book called "The  End of Night" that I heard about on a recent radio show.  ( Wouldn't you know, it's about the cultural, environmental, and spiritual impact of the loss in our modern world of starry night skies.  Down here we live  even closer to an airport than the parsonage in Broadview Heights was, if that tells you anything.  This fact, however, did not keep me from enjoying last week the  "new star" that appeared mid-August in Delphinus, the  little Dolphin next to the Swan high overhead.  I am  sending some pictures and hope Pat can post them on the bulletin board for you. 

How grateful I am for Pastor Matt's ministry with you now.  I have been hearing great things and know from the relationship we began to established over the  course of our mutual transitions that he is a terrific pastor for Columbia UMC.   

I pray for all bright and beautiful things to attend your  journey together.  And thank you again for all your  loving kindness... 

Pastor Dave

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Upper Room Devotional Group
Meets at 11:00 a.m. on Thursdays in the Courtyard Room. Women from the church are welcome to attend.

Prayer Chain Invitation

You are invited to join our church prayer chain. To receive phone messages about prayer requests please contact our coordinator, Gail Knopf, at 440- 236-5712. Messages are also sent out via email. To receive these announcements send a message to

Greeter Schedule

1 The Miller & Roginsky Girls
8 Cindy & Tim Gerbick
15 Judy Dengler
22 Gail & Lew Knopf

29 Vickie & Roger Boris

A Little Reminder

Would you like to donate flowers (in memory of or in celebration of) or have a coffee hour on a Sunday Morning? Just sign up on the sign up sheets that are on the bulletin board. Any questions call church office 236-8822.

Altar Flowers Sign-up...Just a reminder to use the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board in the narthex to sponsor flowers for the altar on upcoming Sundays.   Some of you like to share flowers from home  or bring them in from the florist on memorial  occasions, anniversaries and so on.  We can also order flowers if you’ll give us clear instructions and adequate lead time. 

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Please Help Us Know...when people are in the hospital. Over the last several years, it has become increasingly more difficult for churches to obtain information about their members who are patients in the hospital. This has become even more difficult as all hospitals have begun implementing the regulations of HIPPA (Health Information Portability and Protection Act). This was enacted by Congress to protect the confidentiality and privacy of patients. This has changed things for the Spiritual Care of patients. Even if someone from the hospital asks about your church affiliation, or asks if you would like the pastor notified - it does not mean that the church will be contacted. If you would like the pastor or church to know that you are

In Our Prayers...

Those recuperating or expecting treatment or  hospitalization:  Lisa Manning (sister of Walt  Merrill), Paul Mott, Dale Terry brother of Lillie Merrill and their mother, Lillie Terry, Tom  Hunt, Dale Strasser, Geneva Hammon, Sophia Johnson,  Mary Bentley, John Kiley, Helen Stone, Marion Burnham,Clara Cuthbert and her family in your prayers, she is in hospice. ... 

Those with various other needs: Walt Warner, Ray  Miller, the family of pastor Chuck Butcher (North Eaton Christian), Arlene Lennerth, Martin & Nina Lodge...  

Those among our shut-ins and friends: Mary Alice Lewis, Ellen Roth,  Mildred Herron, Pauline Crider (now at Kemper House in Olmsted Falls), Mary Leonard...  

Those in service to our country:  Nick Rundle, Nicolas Denington, Ryan Schaffer, T. J. Campbell, Nancy Westbrook, David Sorrell, Jeff Schaffer, Mark  Kincaid, John Diller, Tim Boris, Jordan Kinal, Karen Wright, Jonathan Hunt..


Please notify the church office of your requests so that we can pass them on to our members in Christ.

Please let us know when prayers have been answered and names can be removed.

We will offer our thanks and praise to God for each answer to prayer.

Online since February 12, 2003

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