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Our Mission: "To reveal the light of Jesus Christ in Columbia and the world."

October-November 2017 Newsletter

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20

In the Gospel of Matthew, these verses are the final words from Jesus to his Disciples before the Ascension. These verses are part of what is known as the Great Commission. The Great Commission is Jesus’ marching orders to the Disciples and to all Christians of all time.

Here at CUMC, we do a lot of work toward fulfilling Jesus’ final commands. We strive to make disciples and to teach people in many ministries and many ways. When we feed the hungry and needy at Christmas or during our free meals, we are sharing the love of Christ and inviting them into the Kingdom.

When we teach children at Youth Club, Bible School or Sunday School we are inviting them into God’s Kingdom. They have a lot of fun, but even in the fun, we are making disciples. We are teaching and making disciples when our Bible studies meet on Monday evenings, Tuesday afternoons, and after church. We are making disciples when our women’s groups and studies meet and share with each other. We are making disciples when our music ministries share their talents in worship. We really do strive to make disciples of all nations as Christ wants us to do.

But, we will never make a single disciple if you, the people of this church, don’t go out and invite others into these programs and ministries. At it’s heart, Christianity is about relationships— relationships with God and with each other. Without a relationship with a person here, it is very unlikely that someone will walk through our doors.

So, go out and talk to your neighbors and friends. Tell them what we do here. Invite them in to share and be part of the Kingdom of God. Jesus left it all up to us. He is with us, but it’s our job, now.

Blessings to all of you,

Pastor Matt

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New Windows

The replacement of the windows in the education wing will begin on October 2. The current windows are 57 years old and literally falling apart in places.

This project began in 2009 but was delayed by the need for a new roof. Again, the church was ready to move forward in 2013, when the EPA ordered us to install a new septic system.

We are now ready to move forward again. The windows will cost $57,000.00. You can donate to this project using the pledge forms that were mailed to you and are also available in the narthex.

We have a wonderful building and it is our duty to preserve it and keep it functional. Many groups and ministries use this building. It is where we serve our free community meals and where we distribute Christmas dinners to people in need. It is where children begin to develop a relationship with the Lord in Sunday School and Youth Club and Bible School. It is the home of our preschool, Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Brownies. By giving to this project you are benefiting all these ministries and programs and more. Please consider making a donation to this worthy cost.

Christmas Poinsettia Orders

The order forms for Christmas Poinsettia will be coming soon. They will be placed in the narthex and Sunday bulletins.

Get Your Flu Shot

Flu season is here, make sure you get your flu shot. They are available at most of your local drug stores and will be available at the Columbia Fire Department on October 31st between 10 AM and Noon.

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Columbia UMC Bicentennial

In 2018 we will celebrate 200 years of Methodist ministry in Columbia. We have formed a Bicentennial Committee that is in the process of planning a year-long celebration that will focus on evangelism and community outreach.

The culmination of the celebration will be the weekend of September 22 and 23, 2018. On that Saturday, we will open our doors to the community and have a “Community Day” celebration. On Sunday we will celebrate our bicentennial in worship and thank God for the opportunity to have served for so many years. A potluck dinner will follow.

It is important to look back and celebrate so many generations of the faithful, but another focus of this celebration will be looking forward and considering how we can serve the Lord into the future.

Service of Remembrance

As All Saints Sunday is November 5th, and our Service of Remembrance approaches, we ask that you submit any names of family or friends who have died this past year and for whom you would want a candle to be lit. This has become a meaningful worship service for us, and we want to include all names, member or non-member, important to our church family. Please inform Pastor Matt or Marcia Wonnacott by filling out the special form, available in the Narthex, your printed newsletter, or in your Sunday bulletin, and place it in designated box on the table in the foyer by October 22nd.

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Tomatoes Wanted

In looking ahead to Soup and Things in November, we will need 25 quarts of tomato juice. If you have a surplus of tomatoes and don’t know what to do with them, please contact Lillie Merrill (330-483-4609) who will preserve them for Soup and Things.

Youth Club

At the time of this writing, we are one week away from our official start date of September 27. Menus and themes are done. Staff is in place. Now all we need is children to come. Taking a line from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” Registrations are still coming in so we probably won’t know exactly how many children we will have until we get started. Please pray for our children and staff.

In looking ahead, our themes include: October 4, “National Golf Day:” October 11, “Take Your Teddy Bear to Work, School, Youth Club” (Everyone is encouraged to wear bear shirts and bring their teddy bears); October 18, “International Necktie Day” (Wear an ugly neck-tie); October 25, “World Pasta Day;” November 1, “Extra Mile Day” (Everyone is encouraged to go the extra mile and bring a friend. Invitations will be sent to children in our church. Guest meal fees will be waived); November 8, “Dunce Day” (Put your thinking caps on. Wear a dunce hat); November 15, “America Recycles Day;” November 29, “Narnia;” December 6,
“St. Nicolas Day” (Come dressed in Christmas colors).

As a reminder, we will not meet November 22 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Our Christmas break will begin December 6.

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Methodist Youth Fellowship

The MYF is a Christian fellowship open to all kids from 7th grade up. Their purpose is to have fun while bringing the light of Christ to the world. Their primary focus is a week long home repair mission trip held during the summer.

You The schedule for this fall and early winter is:

Oct. 1—Meeting 6:30-8 at church
Oct. 21—Free Dinner 3:45 - 6:30
Oct. 21—Corn Maze/Game night 6:30 -9:30
Nov. 4—Christmas Dinner food collection at IGA
Nov. 5—Meeting 6:30-8 at church
Nov. 18—Science Center; Meet at church at 12:30; return to church at 4:30
Nov. 26—Decorate Church following worship. Lunch provided
Dec. 3—Meeting 6:30-8 at church
Dec. 17—Christmas Caroling with choir/Bowling
Jan. 7—Meeting 6:30-8 at church
Jan. 14-15—Lock-In
Feb. 4—Superbowl Party at Merriman house

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United Methodist Women

During the past couple of months we have not been visible to most of you and our monthly meetings cease, but many of the women have been preparing for another busy year by attending meetings. Three women attended Mission U at Mount Union College where we were introduced to this year’s program topics. In August and September there were District and leadership meetings. All have been very meaningful and prepare us for another busy UMW year that I will share with you.

The United Methodist Women will gather for the Annual Celebration on October 27 & 28th in Bucyrus, Ohio. The deadline to register is September 27th, if you plan to attend. The 2018 Assembly, which occurs every 4 years will be in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the gathering of United Methodist Women in May, 2018. The theme is “The Power of Bold."

November 7th is Soup-N-Things at our church. This is held on election day from 11 AM to 6PM. We had a wide variety of soups and sandwiches to choose from. Please plan to stop by for lunch or supper before or after you vote. You can stay and eat it here or you may take it to go. Be sure to go out to vote and stop by for something to eat.

Our next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday , October 4th. We will meet in the sanctuary due to the installation of the windows. Please bring your World Thank Offering Boxes. The next meeting in November is Wednesday November 1st. Please plan to attend. Any women of the church are invited to come and join in our meetings.

As the Fall season is upon, allow us to return our focus to the beauty of the chang-ing seasons. Let us hear the winds and feel the coolness in the damp air and gain the sense of the time of Thanksgiving. Allow our hearts to understand what it means to live in a covenant community, when we share in a season of ever changing daily needs of each and every one of us.

Marcia L. Adamczyk, UMW President

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Upper Room Devotional Group
This is a group that meets every Thursday at 11:00 AM in the Courtyard Room. EveryThursday we talk about a different devotion in the book so each session has a new topic to discuss. Everyone is welcome! Regular attendance is not required.

Upper Room Devotional books are available for $1.25. They come out every two months and will be in the narthex.

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...from the Church Office

If you'd prefer to read the newsletter online and would like to help us save trees and postage, send us a note and simply ask to be taken off the "Newsletter Mailing List." Thanks!

About Our Email...

It's high time we started keeping email contact information on our membership in the church office. It's indispensible if we're to develop an effective mechanism for staying in touch. If you have an email address that you can give us to use, please email a friendly "Hello!" to us so we can copy your address to our files. Our address is...

OUR FOURTEENTH YEAR ONLINE (since February 12, 2003)

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Monday Night Adult Bible Study

Every The Monday night Bible Study meets at 7:30 They are currently studying the Book of Acts. All are welcome to join this

Adult Sunday School 

The Adult Sunday School Class will soon be finishing its study of Sheron C. Patterson’s book A Mile in Her Shoes: Lessons From the Lives of Old Testament Women. The next study will be John Ortberg’s book God Is Closer than You Think, which shows how you can enjoy a vibrant, moment-by-moment relationship with your heavenly Father.

Class time is 9:30 Sunday mornings. All adults are welcome! Contact Lillie Merrill (330-483-4609) to order your book.

Fall Bible Studies

The Redemption of Scrooge is a four week Advent study that looks at Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol, through the lens of Christian faith. This very interesting study will be held on Tuesdays and Sundays. The Tuesday group will meet at 1 p.m. on November 28 and December 5-19. The Sunday Section will meet November 19 and December 3-17 immediately following worship.

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Free Community Dinner

Columbia United Methodist Church Free Community Dinner Schedule

Saturday, October 21, 2017: 2-4 PM
Saturday,February 17, 2018: 2-4 PM
Saturday, May 12, 2018: 2-4 PM-

For further information contact the church office.

Phone: 440-236-8822

Christmas Dinners for Those in Need

CUMC is once again providing boxed frozen Christmas dinners to people in need. This year we are assembling the meals ourselves. Schilds IGA and Gibbs Butcher Block have both generously offered to help out. But, we need additional assistance in several areas.

First, if you would like to nominate a family or individual to receive a meal, please fill out the form located in the narthex and place the completed form in the box marked “Christmas Dinners”

Second, Schilds IGA is going to allow us to collect food at their entrance on Nov. 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you would like to help with this there is a sign up in the narthex. We will provide the congregation with a list of needed items and allow you to contribute in that way also.

Third, we are baking cookies to include in the meals. Baking days are at the church on Friday, Dec. 15 and Saturday, Dec. 16 from 10-2 on both days.
You can sign up to bake, in the narthex.

Finally, we will need money to purchase turkey’s and hams and any other necessary items. You can donate by marking your envelope or check, “Christmas Dinners.” If we did not receive any donations, these meals would cost more than $50. The donations we will reduce the cost (hopefully in a substantial way), but cash donations will be needed.

Thank you all for your participation in this wonderful ministry.

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Thank You

A sincere thank you to our church family for all the cards, prayers and support. It means so much to know you are there in times of need as well as good times.

Love and prayers to everyone,
Pat & David Balcziunas

Church Decorating Day

We will decorate the church for Advent and Christmas on November 26 immediately following worship. Lunch will be provided. Stay and help with this joyous and fun-filled undertaking.

Landscape Day-Oct. 28th from 9-Noon

It’s time to get ready for winter. Everyone is welcome to help with planting bulbs and regular fall clean up,

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Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters will be meeting soon. The exact details have yet to be de-

All women in the church are welcome to become part of Secret Sisters. In addition to keeping our identity a secret, we lift our sisters in prayer and remember them with small gifts and cards throughout the year. All wishing to join the group should get in touch with Lillie Merrill by October 8.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat will be Sunday, October 29 from 1-2:30 p.m. Keep your eyes open for the sign-up in the narthex. We will need people to decorate their trunks and/or tailgates and pass out candy. This is a great oppportunity for us to open our doors and share the love of Christ with our community.


Columbia United Methodist Preschool Update

The Preschool is back in the swing of regular classes. The Pre-K class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 AM until noon. The three-year-old class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM until noon.

Fall activities are on the calendar with a field trip to Red Wagon Farm and a visit in October from the Fire Department to celebrate Fire Prevention Week. The students and parents always enjoy these activities. If you want to know some of the things happening in Preschool, check out the bulletin boards outside the classrooms.

Questions should be directed to Joyce Jenkins, administrator at (440) 387-6505 or (440) 309-5896 or Renee Huntington, Preschool Board Chairman at (440) 539-6835.



Phone: (440) 387-6505

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Men's Fellowship

Join us for breakfast and fellowship at 8:30 AM on the first Sunday of the month beginning in October, 2017.

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A Little Reminder

Would you like to donate flowers (in memory of or in celebration of) or have a coffee hour on a Sunday Morning? Just sign up on the sign up sheets that are on the bulletin board. Any questions call church office 236-8822.

Altar Flowers and Coffee Hour Sign-up...
Remember there are Coffee Hour and Flower sign up sheets on the bulletin board. Make sure you sign up if you intend to host a coffee hour or buy flowers in order to avoid double booking.

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Please Help Us Know...when people are in the hospital. Over the last several years, it has become increasingly more difficult for churches to obtain information about their members who are patients in the hospital. This has become even more difficult as all hospitals have begun implementing the regulations of HIPPA (Health Information Portability and Protection Act). This was enacted by Congress to protect the confidentiality and privacy of patients. This has changed things for the Spiritual Care of patients. Even if someone from the hospital asks about your church affiliation, or asks if you would like the pastor notified - it does not mean that the church will be contacted. If you would like the pastor or church to know that you are

In Our Prayers...

For Daily Prayer:
Scott Burnham, Jerry Dengler, Tye Webster, Bill Purcel, Ashley Wojciak, Brooke Robbins, Tresa Robbins, Kathy Lewis, Sean Garrow, Lew & Joyce Jenkins, Connie Walkden, David Balczuinas, Vickie Boris...

Congratulations to:
Nicole Miller and Dustin Randall on their marriage Sept. 9, 2017.

Those in service to our country:

J. Campbell, Tim Boris, Mark Kincaid, Jordan Kinal, Nicole Wiltrout-serving in Iraq with the Army National Guard..…

Those in nursing homes or assisted living:
Geneva Hammon, Mary Alice Lewis, Marie Knopf.


If you know of someone who is hospitalized or in a care facility and would like support from our church community, Please notify the church office! Hospitals no longer notify the church when members are admitted, even if your denomination and church is listed on the admitting form. Also, PLEASE let us know when prayers have been answered and names can be removed.)

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”
Ephesians 6:18

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